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Data Security

What makes Remerge most secure

GDPR Compliance - Remerge is a processor of data - legally bound to use clients' data only for the purpose of their campaigns.

Most other DSPs identify as both processor and controller, allowing them to enrich and develop persona sets and look-alike models. As Remerge doesn’t run any user acquisition campaigns, we have no incentives for persona sets nor look-alike modelling.

Remerge and GDPR: Setting the Highest Possible Industry Standard

We've taken a number of important actions to ensure total GDPR compliance, including hiring in-house legal counsel.

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Setup & Creatives

Treat users as individuals, not segments, by using your data to deliver personalized ads.

Apply our customizable product recommendation engine or implement your internal product recommendations on high volume product feeds

Measurement & Verifiability

What makes our incrementality tracking strong and verifiable

Always on and at no cost

Incrementality shouldn't be measured in a one-off test. It should be measured continuously and on campaign level, allowing for complete transparency and iterative optimizationsmart budget allocation.

Verifiable and transparent

Most DSP solutions will not share device ID level data. Remerge provides raw device ID files so you can verify both the uplift and the performance of randomly assigned test and control groups.

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