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Optimal Performance

Performance Engine

The Remerge platform was custom-built for app retargeting from the ground up to leverage user insights in real-time for automatically optimizing your performance campaigns.
At its core sits the Remerge Performance Engine, which analyzes behavioural, demographical, device type and location data from over 1.4 billion users in order to predict purchase intent and generate highly-relevant ads, maximizing your campaign’s results.
The Remerge Performance Engine consists of three blocks:
Dynamic Audience Segmentation

Analyzes your existing user base in real-time and filters for the users which have the highest chance to convert.

Bidding Algorithms

Analyze 700,000 bid requests per second, and decide when and how much to bid for each ad placement in order to hit your CPA goals.

Product Recommendation

Composes real-time tailored ads, using multivariate testing to optimize every part of your creative for relevancy and impact.

The Remerge Performance Engine processes over 50 billion user events per month, continuously learning and sharpening its prediction, bidding, and product recommendation to drive better performance and improve your ROI.

Dynamic Audience Segmentation

Dynamic audience segmentation is key to a successful retargeting strategy in improving the overall effectiveness of your campaigns.

Our dynamic audience segmentation platform follows the behaviour of your users in real-time, moving them automatically in and out of segments as they progress down your purchase funnel - ensuring that segments are always as accurate and current as possible. Our data has shown that an automated data stream can drive performance uplift by +155% compared to static lists.

We run seamlessly alongside your other marketing strategies. Ensure smarter budget spend with audience segments that update in real-time, excluding users who have converted organically or in other channels.

Avoid spamming your customers with repetitive display ads: we stop retargeting them the moment they convert.

Minimize your workload with a dynamic and automated audience management platform that ends the need to create and update manual lists.

Easily identify your new, and most profitable segments to optimize your campaign performance.

Extensive Global Reach

Programmatic Supply

Remerge’s entire infrastructure was designed to maximize scale for app retargeting campaigns.

With Remerge, app developers have programmatic access to 400,000+ mobile app publishers, globally and can retarget up to 1,5 million users per second.

Being integrated with 25 global and regional SSPs, ad exchanges and PMPs, app developers can re-engage their users through the most engaging ad formats available - including interstitials, native, and dynamic in-app ads.

Highest scale in the market: Our suppliers report quarter by quarter that we are transacting the most queries per second of all our peers, and twice as much as the industry average.

Best performance in the market: Our suppliers report quarter by quarter that we reach the highest performance indices.

Global reach: We are running campaigns on full supply scale in more than 190 countries.

Robust Infrastructure: No AWS, we use our own server infrastructure and data centers to be able to increase scale at low cost.

Bespoke Creatives: We tap into all available app placements - including native ads.

Easy Integration

Data Access

Remerge offers app developers an SDK-less solution for a fast, safe, and seamless data transfer in real-time.

App developers can stream their audience data at the press of a button and without any development work via their mobile measurement and attribution provider of choice.

We also offer a secure server-to-server data transfer by API to integrate with your BI and CRM platforms directly to access more events, and increase performance.

Get started faster

95% of our clients go live within one week


No integration development effort required - your developers stay focused on your app

Highest data security

Your sensitive audience data is only transferred via encrypted server-to-server communication

Custom Fit Support

Custom Fit Support

Allow us to do the legwork - receive strategic guidance and execution from our international account management experts.

Our in-house creative team offers support developing new creative concepts on messaging, image selection and aesthetics.

Intelligent Analytics


Our fully transparent dashboard is accessible 24/7 giving you insight into every facet of your campaign from segment, to creative. Analyze data and KPIs in real-time to measure your campaign performance and maximize ROI.

Control Group Testing

Discover The Power of Our Platform

Measure the impact of Remerge’s performance against a control group to swiftly determine ROI.

Control group testing allows you to see the real contribution of app retargeting in driving sales and desired actions in your app.

Control group testing evidences whether Remerge’s display ads are driving incremental conversion, or whether non-converting site visitors will return subsequently to purchase, unaided.

When beginning a campaign, a target group (users targeted by Remerge) and control group (organic, non-retargeted users) are established.

The target group is served Remerge display ads while the control group receives no display ads, or other interference ensuring an unbiased test result.

Remerge determines additional lift generated from the campaign by comparing conversions in the target and control groups.

Remerge offers the full spectrum of capabilities we need. We found of all our previous partners they were most capable of achieving scale and were willing to work with us to figure out optimal targeting and build out features
Justin Neustadter | Mobile User Acquisition Manager Read the Case Study

Cohort Analysis

Remerge offers the most granular reporting on in-app user behavior in order to generate Valuable, quantitative insights to optimize your retargeting campaigns.

Measuring and analyzing how cohorts behave over time is a powerful way to optimize and scale your retargeting campaigns. Cohort analysis allows marketers to understand and compare the value generated by customers targeted with Remerge display ads in the days, weeks, and months after the ads are served. This granular inspection provides you with the relevant insights you need to further delve into each segment, and act on your insights to predict future trends.

How it works:

Instead of linear analysis, each user group is baselined in a cohort to be able to compare apples with apples.

The distribution of conversion numbers is analyzed over time.

This analysis can be drilled down by various dimensions such as creative, supply source, etc.

Effects of changes to your campaigns in cohort behavior are analyzed to better understand your users.

Secure, Siloed Data

Secure, Siloed Data

Publicly listed companies world-wide trust and share their valuable first-party data with Remerge.

No user acquisition, no conflict of interest - Your data is your data and won’t be used for anything other than your retargeting campaigns

Encrypted, server to server data transfer in compliance with strict German privacy regulations

How to get Started

How to get Started

Seed data transfer via secure S2S

Decide strategy, KPIs and segmentation setup (+ creatives support available)

Launch campaign

Monitor performance with quarterly reviews

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