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The Case for Fully-Managed Retargeting

Posted on March 22, 2017

The following post is from Senior Account Manager, Maud Levasseur. Maud is an experienced account expert with many years experience, and extensive industry knowledge of advertising and mobile gaming.

Still a relatively new solution in the app marketing space, app retargeting is swiftly becoming the go-to solution for mobile marketers who want to keep their high-value users engaged within their apps. App retargeting is an extremely cost-effective solution that has the potential to drive a huge uplift in purchases and engagement levels if done correctly. But retargeting can often be a complex process, just think about all of the events that occur and actions that users take in any given app; app open, level completion, tutorial completion, items added to basket, data field fill - it’s enough to make even the savviest marketer anxious and kept up nights thinking of the time and effort dedication ensuring the success of a retargeting campaign.

Sounds Complicated

As a company focused solely on providing a streamlined solution to the often complex retargeting problem, Remerge sits right at the fore of the industry working with apps big and small from all verticals from food delivery to gaming apps. In establishing our platform, we decided that in order to ensure an efficient solution to retargeting, dedicated account managers would be made available to all clients to cater for their specific needs. Having worked in account management in ad tech and specifically at Remerge for more than two years, I’ve gained a lot of experience working with clients to achieve massive scale and performance for their retargeting campaigns and wanted to give some tips to anyone nervous about starting a campaign that thinks they may need a helping hand to help their campaigns succeed.

We’ll be There for you

App retargeting developed out of user acquisition and the ever growing need to keep users engaged and using your app on a daily basis. It’s no surprise then that marketers would be nervous throwing money at a new solution to a very complex problem without any guarantee that it will work for them. A huge number of questions will arrive when confronted with the solution: who should I retarget? What will my display ads look like? How should I send my customer data to my partner? What do I need to have in place to start? All valid questions, and simple ones to answer for account managers well versed in the tech behind retargeting.

We care

Like many other account managers in the ad tech industry, I’ve gained experience working with a huge variety of app developers and marketers all with varying levels of experience in retargeting and acquisition. For me, the thrill of the role is in the diversity of the apps I encounter on a daily basis and working on strategies together with my clients to achieve their business goals. Through my experience, I have developed a wealth of knowledge on the strategies that may work for one app and not another. I have tried and tested a variety of solutions and stayed in the office often until midnight trying to find a workaround for clients whose campaigns are just not running as they should. All of this has instilled a sense of trust and dependability in me that I ensure to bring to each of my clients on a daily basis.

Don’t be Scared

Every one of us is nervous when we’re confronted with a new type of technology, and retargeting is no different. If you’re new to it, wouldn’t it be better to have someone else with industry experience explain the best approaches and strategies to ensure you get the most from your campaigns? Not only can we advise you with the best creative formats and segments to target, we can provide best practices based on your app’s specific vertical and the strategies we’ve seen work for our other successful clients in the past.

Account Management

App retargeting doesn’t have to be scary, in fact it can be a really enlightening process. You’ll learn more about your users than with any other marketing approach, and you can use that knowledge to improve every aspect of your app. We’ll be able to show you which segments of your users perform best so you can optimize your app’s design to cater for your highest value users.

Hands on Retargeting

As I already mentioned, the retargeting process can seem like a daunting task at first, and one that is a huge time investment for someone looking to kickstart their retention strategy. With a self-serve retargeting platform; you manage your retargeting campaigns yourself meaning you are responsible for choosing your budget, the networks your ads will appear on, and the display ads themselves. If you’re looking to gain a deep insight into the retargeting technology you’re using, self-serve is about as hands-on as you can get. By looking after the monitoring and optimization of your retargeting efforts, you have full visibility into every facet of your campaign, with most self-serve platforms offering analytics suites that will allow you to delve into your data to understand how your user segments behave over time. Despite their offerings however, all the analytics and reporting capabilities are useless if you don’t know what to do with them. In the beginning, you might find yourself playing around with your dashboard and wasting money just trying to learn the ropes.

What About My Other Channels?

Many self-serve platforms will offer you a 90-day training programme to teach you how to use the platform but again, the time investment alone is huge for a service that may not generate that positive ROAS you’re after due to poorly designed creatives or unsophisticated bidding algorithms. Devoting so much time into the management of a new software can also mean diverting efforts away from the other important channels of communication that make up your re-engagement strategy.

man using app on train

Personalized push notifications, SMS, email and social media are all important channels for driving retention and reaching users wherever they are in your sales funnel. To maximize the potential of your re-engagement efforts, you need to make sure that all of these channels work together to foster retention and engagement with your app. Leaving your retargeting campaign in the capable hands of a programmatic expert not only means that your time will be freer to focus on your other communication channels, it also means that you’ll get the most out of the solution with your account manager continually optimizing and using the most relevant ad formats for you and your business.

But What About My Data?

Though some will argue that self-service is the safer option for advertisers looking to ensure the protection of company data, I would argue that if you’re worried about sharing relevant data with a retargeting provider then it may be best not to work with them at all. Any provider worth their salt will be able to guarantee that your data will be used exclusively for your retargeting campaigns and that it will be stored securely and not shared with any other third parties, unless of course you’ve authorized that yourself.


The ideal setup would be to let your chosen attribution provider or in-house tracking solution to share data directly with your retargeting partner via a secure S2S connection. If you can avoid integrating an SDK, you’ll have complete control over the information shared and eliminate the risk of your data being seen by third parties. Always try to opt for a retargeting partner that offers access to a dashboard where you can analyze data and KPIs in real-time to monitor your campaign performance and maximise ROI.

To Wrap it up

Running retargeting campaigns with a partner that offers in-house tools, industry knowledge and programmatic expertise can ensure maximum scale and performance for you and your app. When you choose your retargeting partner, try to select one that provides transparency into each facet of your campaign from segmentation to publisher which will allow you to gain a more holistic view of your app’s audience. Retain regular contact with your dedicated account manager to ensure that they optimize your campaign where possible and allow you the opportunity to test new exciting ad formats that will increase performance for your app. This will allow you the time you need to focus on the other communication channels in your retention strategy and to devote more time to improving your product.

If you want to find out more about how you could step your re-engagement strategy up a notch, get in touch with your account manager or shoot us an email to!