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Social Retargeting with Remerge

Posted on June 14, 2017

We are proud to announce that we are now offering our clients a fully managed retargeting service for the biggest player in the social media landscape, namely Facebook. Naturally, this service also includes access to Instagram inventory and access to placements on Facebook’s audience network of apps. A fully-managed app retargeting service with Remerge means that we take responsibility for the management of optimization, creatives, segmentation, cross-channel synchronization and all associated performance. This enables you to maximize returns and reduce time investment.

The marriage between mobile and social platforms

As much as 30% of all time spent online is now spent on social media. Further, the majority of this time on social media is done through a mobile device. So what does that mean for you as a marketer? The conclusion is simple: If you do not include social media in your marketing stack, you are missing out on a lot of potential users and opportunities.


Benefit from scaling retargeting efforts synergistically

Built in collaboration with Facebook themselves, the service can be accessed on its own, however the biggest benefits can be seen when implementing it along with our programmatic app retargeting service. This essentially ensures that you will reach the inactive user whether they are spending their time on social media or in other apps, whilst taking advantage of our unqiue audience segmentation capability. Further, it deals with the issue of having different retargeting channels cannibalizing each other. If an inactive user is reached through Facebook retargeting, they will immediately also be moved out of the target audience for programmatic retargeting. Through conducting both programmatic and Facebook app retargeting with Remerge, you can drastically scale up your reengagement campaigns without fear of diminishing the value of your current retargeting efforts.

Improve retargeting performance whilst empowering your internal Facebook marketing teams

So why should companies who already have in-house Facebook marketing teams bother externalizing their Facebook retargeting efforts? One of the primary reasons is the complexity of running a successful retargeting campaign. Retargeting is a much more technically demanding process than its user acquisition counterpart. It requires real-time synchronization between app event data on a user level and marketing strategies, both when it comes to determining which users are eligible for reactivation ads at any given moment, as well as how each user can best be persuaded back into your app. For more information on what is necessary to run a successful reengagement campaign, check out our blog post: The case for fully managed retargeting.


Through signing up for a fully managed Facebook retargeting service, your in-house Facebook marketing team can devote all their time to optimize user acquisition campaigns and strategic planning. This means more time spent on optimizing bidding, creatives, ad copy and segments, ensuring that important UA metrics such as scale and customer acquisition costs do not suffer as a result of your in-house team splitting their time and resources attempting to do everything at once. Further, one can expect to see that the customer lifetime value of acquired users increase, as Remerge’s retargeting experts decrease churn.

Practical Example: Product Madness

One of our clients, Product Madness, built upon their successful programmatic campaign with Remerge by signing up for our fully managed Facebook service. The results? Cost-per-action was decreased by 30% whilst increasing purchases by 28%.

Justin Neustadter, Mobile User Acquisition Manager at Product Madness:

Facebook is a really important channel for us, that’s why we partnered with Remerge to expand our programmatic campaigns to increase performance whilst keeping cost down. Their unique technology in segmentation synchronization, coupled with their expertise and support have significantly lowered our CPA and saved us a lot of time and effort.

To read more about this example, check out the Product Madness Facebook case study here:

Facebook case study Product Madness

Want to hear more about how a fully managed Facebook app retargeting service can benefit you and your app? Get in touch with us via your account manager or get started with Remerge now by sending us an email: