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Remerge's APAC Expansion

Posted on November 1, 2017
The APAC App Market

In 2016, The Asia-Pacific region overtook North and South America as the main driver of the mobile app economy. With the constant stream of new mobile technology and more smartphone users than anywhere else in the world, APAC will soon become the global authority on the future of app marketing. Remerge wanted to be there at the epicenter of this innovative region and after the successful launch of our Tokyo office, we’re happy to announce the expansion of our APAC footprint into China, South Korea and Singapore.

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Before expanding into the region, Remerge was working with some of Asia’s most successful apps to develop smart re-engagement strategies to retain their app users and maximize in-app revenues. Boasting some of the lowest app retention rates globally, app marketers in APAC are switching their focus from user acquisition to retention to stay ahead of the competition in this crowded app marketplace. The expansion into SEA, South Korea and China will allow us to offer our fully-managed app retargeting service to app developers as retention becomes more of a concern for them.

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When asked about the announcement, our CEO Pan Katsukis explained the reason for the expansion: “We’ve seen great traction in Asia across almost all app verticals, delivering highly successful performance campaigns especially for games, retail and travel. It’s a mobile-first region, where apps play a central part in people’s day-to-day activities. This creates an enormous opportunity for app developers, if they can manage to keep users using their apps after they downloaded it. With our SDK-less platform custom-built for app retargeting, app developers can re-engage their dormant users at scale and at very economical acquisition cost/price point, to increase retention and finally drive more in-app revenues.”

Joining the team are three seasoned ad tech veterans who are experts in mobile and understand the unique challenges faced by app marketers in the various regions.

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Min Wang joins Remerge from Tune as Director of Sales, Greater China and Hide Cho has joined as Director of Sales, Korea from Septeni. We’re glad to have Martje Abeldt join us as Director of Sales, SEA from App Annie, to help us tackle the SEA region from our new office in Singapore.

As we continue our growth in the region, we are still on the lookout for great, local talent. Check out our careers page here to see all of our job openings.

For more information on our expansion, check out Pan’s interview with ExchangeWire here.