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"Our Attention Spans Are Shorter Than Ever"

Posted on December 6, 2016

In an interview with Thalamus, Kirill Sofronov discusses the cruciality of retargeting for app developers, and the future of mobile re-engagement:

It’s known that over 80% of users abandon their app within the first day of use, effectively increasing the average Cost-per-Install (of a loyal user) to almost $4.23. Why do you think it is so important to re-engage these non-activated users and what are some best practices for doing so?

With the ever-growing number of apps out there and so many players acquiring users across all types of media channels, the market has become completely saturated. We’ve been experiencing a period of intense acquisition fever. But when you think about it from a personal perspective – how many apps do you actually use on your phone on a daily basis?

A recent study estimated revenues per user of the world’s leading game developers and you simply can’t compete with companies prepared to pay $20 for a user across every single channel. Instead it’s time to think more sustainably about your product and how to capture users’ attention when using your app.

Obviously retention rates will be naturally high among users of apps like WhatsApp but what about the rest of the app universe? Number 1 priority should be good app design which establishes user guidelines, has a clear funnel and facilitates retention – you need solid foundations before proceeding to user acquisition and re-engagement. Afterwards there are several channel available like push notifications and retargeting which come into play.

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