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Navigating the "New Normal" in Mobile: Indian Market Trends and Tips App Thrive - Webinar Recap

Posted on June 11, 2020

Did you miss our latest webinar about how to navigate “New Normal” in mobile using app retargeting?

Don’t worry. This recap covers all you need to know about the current app ecosystem in India and how app retargeting can help marketers navigate the current challenges.

Navigating the "New Normal" in Mobile: Indian Market Trends and Tips App Thrive Webinar

In just under an hour, our two experts - Martje Abeldt (General Manager APAC at Remerge) and Aditya Maheshwari (Strategic Customer Success Team Leader at AppsFlyer) - shared their insights and tips on:

  • how app marketers can use app retargeting to find the most valuable users and keep generating revenue;
  • how to make sure that marketing budgets are delivering efficient results;
  • and where to invest campaigns’ budget and resources to get incremental value.

If you want to jump right to the entire conversation, we have the webinar recording ready for you to review all the information at your own time.


The session kicked off with insights on how the coronavirus impacted different verticals in the Indian market and how retargeting remains an invaluable tool at app marketers’ disposal.

App retargeting stands out as a vital ingredient in the marketing mix when it comes to finding the most valuable users and spending on the right channels. Data shows that the share of clients running retargeting is growing since 2018. Apps across all verticals see uplifts in retention and positive effects in ad revenue, as a result of running retargeting.

Given the current challenges, app marketers are more concerned with efficiency than ever, and incrementality becomes a top-of-mind priority in the industry.

Top challenges app marketers are facing and how to overcome them

The coronavirus impact is felt worldwide and across industries. Some industries were more impacted than others, but generally, we noticed that as a consequence of lockdown measures in India, there was a steep decline in terms of app activity and ad revenues for travel and shopping apps, for example, and a rise in organic installs for the entertainment and gaming sectors.

Impact of coronavirus on all app verticals in India.

Image: Impact of coronavirus on app vertical in India. Source: Apptopia/VisualCapitalist

The main question then becomes: “What can apps do regarding their campaigns after lockdown measures are lifted?”

Advertisers should think strategically when it comes to allocating marketing budgets. Despite the uncertainties, cutting down on marketing budgets is not the right solution. App marketers should keep on investing and focus on strategizing and timing their campaigns while keeping a close eye on the data.

In sum, use retargeting to reach your users, but in an empathetic way. Find the right tone, message, and ad creatives mix for your campaigns. And remember, the order of the day is to be relevant and authentic. In the session, our speakers present a few great examples of how this effective messaging can look like for the various verticals.

Incrementality and the importance of developing a measurement mentality

The other side of achieving high efficiency in creating retargeting campaigns that drive real incremental value. Measurement becomes incredibly important at this stage because marketers need to know how to measure their efforts to assess if their investment is worth it.

Measuring incrementality might sound like an arduous process, but, once marketers get clear on what to measure, it is possible to do it with accuracy and transparency. The approach Remerge applies is the ghost bids methodology.

This approach has many benefits compared to other methodologies like ITT and PSA, and it is particularly relevant for clients that require a more scientific approach. Our methodology provides accurate results and raw data that allows clients to deep dive into further analysis.

Practical steps to get started with incremental app retargeting

The answer to running an efficient retargeting campaign lies in combining its many variables: the campaign strategy, segmentation, creatives, and applying the correct measurement.

An outstanding retargeting strategy looks different for different business, but there are a few tips that can be applied to all apps:

  • Focusing on retention is always a good bet.
  • Keep an eye on your data to spot the most valuable users and adapt your messaging accordingly.
  • Be crisp with short and clear CTAs. This acts as an antidote to content fatigue.
  • Innovate when it comes to your creative approach but stay true to your brand.

For all the practical tips, real examples, and questions from the audience, watch the entire session here. And stay tuned for more Remerge webinars coming soon!

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Marta Gaspar

Marta Gaspar

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