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Let's Talk Retention #3

Posted on February 10, 2017

Welcome back to another one of our Remerge recaps, a monthly roundup of current news from the world of mobile marketing. This series will bring you up to date on all the latest launches and trends happening within Remerge, and the ever-changing mobile industry to help you to maintain an effective mobile retention strategy.

Though business often slows down in January, for us here at Remerge it was a hectic month with more new hires and announcements in recent weeks than ever before. January has also been a manic month for the ad tech industry with a lot of uncertainty surrounding the election of Donald Trump and his early policy changes and cabinet choices.

President Trump

In our November recap, we spoke a little about Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States and the potential change his policies could have on the world and specifically the ad tech industry. Now that Trump has been officially sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, the actual impact is far clearer and perhaps more worrying than we could have imagined. In his first few weeks as leader, Trump has already made some major changes to US policy that limit the freedoms of a huge majority of Americans, especially immigrants and women. Last week, the news broke that Trump had made a series of policy changes that will temporarily block the admission of refugees into the US and increase the detention and deportation of unauthorized immigrants. When news of the executive order broke, leaders of top tech companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft condemned the ban and urged employees to “get back to the US now!”. 97 of the largest tech companies in the US have since filed a legal brief opposing the order calling it ‘discriminatory’ and adding how the ban disrupts their ability to recruit and retain the best tech talent globally.

trump (BI)

‘Fake News’

As mentioned in one of our previous recaps, Trump’s candidacy has also lead to a proliferation of alt-right and ‘fake news’ sites and stories that have spread quickly throughout social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. One such news site is alt-right opinion and commentary website Breitbart News that was until recently chaired by Trump’s Chief Strategist, Stephen Bannon. The site has become known for circulating anti-muslim and anti-immigration stories as well as a comment section that supports white supremacist ideology. The problem of ‘fake news’ sites and false information has become more prominent in recent years especially since the rise of social media, with the President stating provably false ‘alternative facts’ and false statistics throughout his candidacy. In a statement about ‘fake news’ and the rise of sites like Breitbart News Network, IAB Chief Executive Randall Rothenberg urged tech and media companies to take responsibility for their advertisements to help prevent the spread of fake news online.

In our November Recap, we mentioned how Appnexus had blocked Breitbart from using its ad-serving tool citing its company hate speech code. Not long after the news broke, massive brand names like Kellogg’s and Warby Parker followed suit by pulling their ads off the site, with Breitbart later calling for a boycott of Kellogg’s products by its readers. Due in part to the use of programmatic trading in retargeting, companies are often unaware of the controversial sites that their ads are appearing on. Often brand safety tools focus on content like pornography or illegal material rather than political sites so advertisers would have to explicitly blacklist sites rather than relying on automated tools. If this is a concern for you and your business, be sure to choose a retargeting provider that offers the utmost transparency and allows you to blacklist sites that you would rather your ads weren’t shown on.

Pocket Gamer Connects

Earlier in the month, Remerge was back in London for Pocket Gamer Connects - a gaming conference covering all the latest innovations in VR, AR and of course mobile gaming. The conference grows in size each year, and with more than 140 speakers on the bill, it didn’t disappoint. The aftermath of Brexit was still very much evident in the speeches and debates that took place over the two days with many leading gaming representatives questioning the government’s future investment in the creative industry. It wasn’t all bad news though, as Finnish game powerhouse Rovio announced they would be opening a London office, undeterred by the prospect of Brexit. There was a lot of good news on the Indie game side as well with some captivating and disruptive new releases penned for huge success in 2017.


Though discoverability still remains an issue, and with UA costs continuing to rise, Indie game experts touted the power of social media and UX in gathering feedback from users. Gaming apps have the highest churn rate of all app categories as revealed in our latest infographic, but throughout the course of the conference and especially in the Monetise, Retain, Acquire Track, there was a definite shift in focus from UA to retargeting with leading game developers providing valuable insights on the best ways to keep users engaged within gaming apps. It was a pleasure catching up with some of our friends in the gaming industry and we look forward to seeing the massive leaps in VR technology at next year’s conference.

Snap Inc. IPO

At the end of last month, Snapchat opened up about its advertising business when it announced its IPO. Though the company generated a whopping $404 million in revenue last year, the risk factor section of its S-1 cited major competition from Google, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp as its major blocker. Snap Inc. also cited its young user demographic as a potential risk factor with the daily active user growth rate slowing in Q4 2016.


The S-1 continued:

Snapchat is free and easy to join, the barrier to entry for new entrants is low, and the switching costs to another platform are also low. Moreover, the majority of our users are 18-34 years old. This demographic may be less brand loyal and more likely to follow trends than other demographics. These factors may lead users to switch to another product, which would negatively affect our user retention, growth, and engagement … Falling user retention, growth, or engagement could make Snapchat less attractive to advertisers and partners, which may seriously harm our business.

Advertisers have seen the huge potential in the Snapchat platform for reaching the coveted 18-34 demographic in a way that is on trend and most relatable to users. Their ad formats, particularly video have garnered largely positive reviews from tech and clothing companies that allow brands to create more awareness and direct communication with their customers. The only thing missing now is some advanced measurement capabilities from Snapchat and some solid client results to get more brands to part with their advertising spend.

New Offices, New Remergers

Late last year, we announced that we would be continuing our expansion in 2017 with the opening of three new offices in Singapore, Tokyo and New York, and hiring some new Remergers to help us grow our global presence. In New York, Eric Lind (formerly of ActionX) will be joining us as Director of Sales, East Coast. Eric has more than 15 years media marketing experience and will work alongside Paul Oka (formerly of Criteo) and Emmanoeula Androulaki (Director of Account Management, Americas) to support our new and existing clients.

NYC office

On the West Coast, it was announced that Nai Saeturn would join Remerge from Singular as Director of Sales, West Coast to continue driving our growth in the U.S from our San Francisco office where Remerge has become the name synonymous with app retargeting. In Tokyo, the new office will be headed up by Dai Yoshida who joins us from internet advertising agency Septeni. Dai has over 15 years experience working in internet advertising and will focus on establishing Remerge’s presence in the APAC region.


Dai will be joined by our favorite Frenchie, and Senior Account Manager - Maud Levasseur who left Berlin to help to establish our office in Tokyo. Senior Account Executive Kirill Sofronov also left our Berlin HQ for Singapore where he will focus on building our portfolio of local clients there. Our newest Remerger to join recently was Patrik Lehti who joins the team from Fiksu as Director of Sales, Nordics. Patrik will be based in our Berlin office to work closely with our ever growing EMEA team.


Since we announced we would be opening a new office in Singapore, we’ve been excited to invite some Singaporean locals to one of our networking events. That’s why we were thrilled to team up with Kochava to welcome some new and old faces to celebrate with us on the launch of our new office! The night was a big hit with some of the best names in travel and commerce apps there to get to know Remerge and how we work. Back in our Berlin HQ, we co-hosted our Casual Connect drinks at ORA in Kreuzberg with our friends at Glispa & TUNE for a night of French-fusion canapés and some amazing cocktails in a cozy bar setting. It was great to see a mix of game developers and marketers enjoying the relaxed atmosphere after a long day at the conference. Our next drinks event will be in Barcelona for MWC which we’ll be co-hosting again with Glispa and Singular. If you’d like to attend, please get in touch with your Remerge contact!

Casual Connect Drinks

We’re also delighted to be welcoming Moshi Blum, Head of User Acquisition at Viber and Christian Henschel (CEO, Adjust) to join our CEO, Pan Katsukis on the couch at our stunning HQ to talk about the future of mobile re-engagement next Wednesday. If you’re an app developer trying to navigate the increasingly complex app ecosystem, or a mobile marketer looking to learn from the best in the biz - you won’t want to miss this one! Register here


If you want to find out more about how you could step your re-engagement strategy up a notch, get in touch with your account manager or shoot us an email to!