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Inside Remerge: Part III

Posted on August 24, 2015
What is your role within Remerge?

I am part of the co-founding team and my official title is Chief Revenue Officer. I take care of everything that makes sure that we have happy customers, which essentially means building and managing a team of very experienced Sales and Account Managers (ex-Fyber, AppLift, madvertise, LiquidM, adjust), who combine a lot of mobile performance marketing know-how. We all share the belief that App Retargeting is going to be the next “big thing”, hence we are very excited that we can be at the forefront and actually shape this new marketing channel together with the best app developers in the world. Since App Retargeting is quite new for most of our clients, it requires a very deep understanding of every app’s audience in order to come up with meaningful re-engagement strategies. We therefore place great emphasis on consulting our customers, offering a fast and smooth onboarding process, as well as ongoing service and optimisation, since App Retargeting is about building long-term relationships and trust.

How does Remerge differ from the competition? What does Remerge offer customers that rivals cannot?

The whole idea of Remerge is to bring more efficiency to App Retargeting. If you look at the App Retargeting process from A to Z it is actually quite complex, compared to UA, where you are “simply” trying to acquire new users. App Retargeting is all about working with your existing user base, which is constantly changing their behaviour and their lifetime stage - and in an ideal world, your retargeting strategy should dynamically adapt to that.

To our great surprise, up until today a lot was solved manually, which prevented app developers from delivering the best user experience, to really scale this channel and achieve the best performance. It is therefore our job to support the entire process with technology in order to make it more efficient and scalable.

In addition to this, we are supporting app developers in learning from their app retargeting activities, since working with first-party data results in a ton of insights that wasn’t previously available and which can provide great value by informing other marketing channels, as well as the product development itself. Opposed to other providers, still acting more like blind ad networks, we decided to develop a very comprehensive customer dashboard and powerful real-time reporting, enabling our clients to get full transparency on their audiences and on how App Retargeting is impacting important KPIs like retention and lifetime value.

What’s the most exciting potential for Remerge?

We are just at the beginning of something that will, without doubt, become very important for the entire app economy. If you look purely at the acquisition part of it (app installs), it is an incredibly huge market which is facing major challenges, such as increasing competition in the app stores and CPIs getting more and more expensive. And, suddenly, there is a new channel which app developers can leverage in a far more powerful way, since you can now use your first-party data to make much better buying decisions. Being part of that is super exciting. It is a global industry and very diverse. Remerge is working with all verticals, such as gaming, fashion, entertainment, travel, news etc. with app marketers from all over the world. The exciting part is that we need to understand all of our customers in terms of what is their app and audience about and what are their specific marketing challenges, in order to precisely orchestrate audience segmentation, personalized messaging and deep linking to optimize the LTV.

To what effect do you feel that app retargeting can prove to be transformational for the ad-tech industry?

There are some examples that show how one product can have tectonic impact. Take Facebook, for example, and compare where they were 3 years ago and where they are now with regards to mobile advertising. Their in-stream ad format was a game changer for almost all mobile marketers! Today, running install campaigns on Facebook is a standard for everybody, resulting in a dramatic increase in price.

We are convinced that App Retargeting will have a similar impact. There is the potential of becoming a standard in every app developer’s marketing mix, since every app developer needs to improve retention and LTV for their users. It is valid for every vertical, in every region of the world. Sooner or later, everybody will try App Retargeting and, from what we can see with our existing customers, they will decide to continue with it.