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Inside Remerge: Part II

Posted on May 27, 2015
Let’s talk about the business model of Remerge. Could you please describe it briefly?

Pan: The business model is relatively simple if you have some understanding of the advertising market. We map the retargeting process from the online space into the app environment, so as to make it really simple and sophisticated for app developers and advertisers. We retarget the customer base of an app developer with personalized messages in other apps.

What advice can you give app developers to optimize the mobile marketing for their mobile application?

Martin: Approach it with a more scientific approach and method. Think beforehand: What are my KPIs? Which are actually important? Which KPIs matter to my business? Then measure, measure, measure. After that you can start to think about how you can actually improve these. Then you should actually try, measure again, try, measure again, and so on, until you find the right strategy.

That’s what we do at Remerge with the retargeting capabilities we have built for our customers. We try to improve it in little steps, one step after the other. It is very thought-orientated and KPI driven.

Pan: From a broader perspective, strategy is definitely key. There are so many methods and tools you can use. What is really important is to not lose too much money doing the wrong things, or not understanding specific things. You must really work out a proper strategy and not just do things blindly because others are doing it. As Martin said, thinking through the strategy is really key to make it effective.

Pan: Ad-tech specifically is quite interesting. RTB was a huge trend. It became a standard relatively quickly. Now a lot of consolidation is happening for everybody who is focused in this RTB space and the trend is definitely shifting towards becoming profitable, when you compare this to before where the focus was on growth. At the moment there is a mega shift towards profitability and new products are evolving on top of RTB. It’s not enough to only do buying and selling anymore. You need to be innovative.

Martin: If you look at some actual trends, Programmatic is still growing hugely. This is really important for us because we are buying a lot on these Programmatic exchanges. The next big topic is probably on video, programmatic and video. There are many new exchanges popping up which deal with video exclusively. Multi-channel campaigns and cross-device campaigns will also be a trend, where they actually deliver your campaign on the desktop, phone, tablet, on TV and everything will be more or less tracked equally. I think this is something which we will see in the next few months and years as well as conversions between ad tech and market tech. All social media tools will get more integrated with ad tech tools, as well as CRM tools.

Who are your business idols?

Martin: Elon Musk does a really good job at what he does. He has created a lot of cool things and I really like the way he thinks about things.

What are your favourite things about Remerge?

Pan: Definitely the team. It was similar at madvertise. I really value having people around who are talented, motivated and make it super fun to work with and learn from them. That is key. It makes it fun to go to the office as it is like hanging out with friends, who work towards a similar goal. It is really exciting for me.

Martin: I would second that. It is sometimes hard for me to differentiate between if this is actual work or if I do it because I enjoy doing it. That’s a good thing and it wasn’t always the case in the past.