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From 0 to 1 Billion in 3 Months - Ramping up the Business

Posted on February 18, 2015

This feeling when at first there was only an idea and, after weeks of hard work, the machine makes its first steps, coughing, moving, rising, accelerating, winning – this is a moment of happiness for an entrepreneur.

We are now 3 months into live operations and things have moved really quickly since our formation. But lets go step by step. After raising seed money in June 2014 we closed the doors until September and were working on the product, tech, marketing and positioning. We looked deeply into the ecosystem to build a company, which offers a unique and valuable solution for our customers – the app developers.

We were in stealth mode until September 8th and launched with our brand at Dmexco. At that time the Minimal Viable Product was ready and it was about onboarding the first few test clients. Two weeks later the press release of our Seed funding was announced, which helped us to build our brand. Our goal was to onboard only a few customers per vertical with the idea of building success cases. It was a bit like a beta mode as not every customer was able to use our service at that time. If we did not reach our customer expectations in terms of scale and performance, we would have stayed longer in that phase to fine-tune the product.

Luckily we met the expectations of our first customers like __Spotify, Lovoo, Funstage, Rocket Internet (namely Foodpanda & HelloFood), HRS, KaufDA __and more. I personally was really surprised about the great performance in terms of return of ad spend (ROAS) of, almost always, more than 120%. I was previously skeptical, because there are things included which we don’t actively control like the supply where we show ads (we still have to pay for the supply) and the customer’s individual performance goals.

We ran the first tests from November to December and since the beginning of this year we have been onboarding several more customers (especially in the Games vertical) and are scaling the business.__ We are running campaigns in 21 countries thus far, from the US & South America to Europe and Southeast Asia.__ Since November we have transacted over 1,000 billion ad placements in different apps (and no, this is no marketing number – you can check that as a customer in your dashboard access and see exactly how many users we see of your customer audience in other apps).

We have also grown in terms of team size. We are now 12 Remergers with the mission to increase the app developer’s ROI by solving app retargeting. This is another moment of happiness for an entrepreneur: Being surrounded by great and inspiring talents - day after day.