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A Series of Incredible Events: Interview with Remerge's Events Managers

Posted on January 7, 2019

Whether they’re creating a fairytale wonderland for our anniversary or composing a panel of experts to speak on the latest trends in adtech, our events managers approach every project with creativity to give it a totally unique spin. In this interview, we ask them about what it takes to give an event that distinct Remerge feel.

Educational Events

1 Educational events are crucial for sharing insights on industry topics. The only problem is, there’s a lot of them. How do you make our educational events feel different from all the others?

“I think we’re differentiated by our excellent speakers,” says Kalila,our EMEA Events Manager. “We always have C-level speakers from Remerge who have hands-on experience related to the topic. Our industry is complex and very technical, so having speakers who can communicate the intricacies of it effectively is absolutely key.”

“Having a good structure is also vital,” adds our US Events Manager, Shanelle. “We ensure that there is time for interactions between guests and that the education is split over different formats. We’re aware of the fact that attendees are fitting our event into their busy work schedule and they don’t want to be overwhelmed.”



Our company loves a theme. Past events have centred around superheros, mythical creatures, and lucky charms. What does a theme bring to a party?

“I think a theme brings a lot,” says Kalila, who organised an incredible Far Far Away themed party for our 4th Anniversary last summer. “When everyone is in costume, it breaks down barriers and makes it easy for you to start a conversation with someone you’ve never met. People let loose.”

Camille, our Global Events Managers, adds that a theme provides an opportunity to bring our company culture - traditionally associated with our HQ in Berlin - all over the world. “We had a European-themed party in Seoul,” she recalls, “where we served Spanish food and German beers and built a bar out of pallets and crates. Events like this firmly establish our identity as a European start-up in a global market.”



We attend up to 40 conferences around the globe each year. Sometimes we’re just there to soak up knowledge and connect with our network, other times we have our own booth and multiple speaking slots. How can you spot us at an event like this?

“I think what makes our presence most known is that we treat our booths as mini events,” says Shanelle. “We have interactive elements - like giveaways and competitions - which enable the team to get to know the attendees on a personal level and start conversations in a more organic way. And that’s why we often have people coming back to the booth on the second day.”

Kalila has experienced this too. “People will often stop by again, just to hang with us and drink a cup of coffee. And that’s down to the team. Our booth becomes an extension of the atmosphere in our office - laid back and fun.”



Every year, Remerge brings the entire team on a company holiday to an exciting European location. Past trips have taken us to Spain, Sicily, and Greece. What’s important when planning a trip like this?

Camille, who spearheaded the team’s trip to Sicily, says it’s about creating a diverse program and integrating the interests and personalities of the team as much as possible. “The offsite is about discovering a new country, so we try to create opportunities for people to explore every aspect of the culture - from history and art, to food and music.”

In our most recent offsite in Greece - organised by Kalila - our days were jam packed with boat trips, water sports, and historical visits, enabling team members to get to know each other in a completely new context. “Hidden talents start to emerge” laughs Kalila, remembering the moment when team members started doing backflips off the boat and into the sea.

Client and Partner Events


We love the people we work with and we want to show them the love on the reg with exclusive client and partner events. We’ve treated our guests to seven-course michelin star meals, watching Formula 1 Racing from a private booth, and big days out at the New York Giants game.How do we make these events special?

“Whenever we’re planning a client partner event we ask ourselves: what structure hasn’t been done before?” Shanelle muses, emphasising the importance of originality. “We always put time and thought into what elements we can add - whether it’s a speciality venue, or speciality meal, that will give our guests a genuinely enjoyable and unique experience .”

It’s this originality and attention to detail that makes Remerge events truly special and keeps our attendees coming back.

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