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Identifying Fraud - Rockford Yapp (Titling Point)

Posted on September 11, 2019

Rockford Yapp

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Today’s guest is Rockford Yapp, Director of Growth Marketing at Titling Point. He is a performance marketing professional with 9+ years of experience in business strategy, user acquisition and account management.

Questions Rockford Answered In This Episode:

  • “How much expertise from your UI team at Tilting Point goes into identifying new app opportunities?”
  • “Is there a common theme that runs through all these years of work where you’ve seen quite a development in one particular area in this industry?”
  • “What kind of strategies have you learned and applied to identify click fraud?”
  • “Has the change of KPIs in mobile development made it harder for publishers, network, or whoever to actually get away with fraud?”
  • “How important is it to market outside Google and Facebook?”
  • “How do you go about electing where you’re going to invest next?”


  • 01:01 Rockford’s background
  • 07:33 How Tilting Point functions and how the business runs
  • 10:35 Partnership evaluation process at Tilting Point
  • 12:54 Things that changed dramatically in the mobile development industry
  • 14:39 Strategies to identify a click fraud or a click bot
  • 23:38 How Tilting Point decides where to invest next
  • 26:54 Tools to protect your company against fraud
  • 28:20 Rockford’s perspective on future trends in the industry

“We’re taking on the risk because we’re confident that we are going to be able to run ROI-positive campaigns and help you improve the monetization and metrics of your games while scaling you in a profitable way.” Rockford Yapp

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