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Diversifying Channels Beyond the Big 3 - Krishnan Menon (Fetch Rewards, Inc.)

Posted on January 29, 2020

Krishnan Menon

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Paid marketing with Facebook, Google, and Apple is foundational, but what’s your strategy for assessing vendors outside the big three? Today’s guest dives into what’s important to consider and look out for when diversifying your marketing channels.

Krishnan Menon is the vice president of growth marketing at Fetch Rewards, Inc., a grocery rewards app that prides itself on being the easiest way to save on groceries.

Questions Krishnan Answered in this Episode:

  • How much of your growth do you attribute to paid marketing? Over time, does it become harder to diversify channels? Or does the need to diversify grow more?
  • Are you willing to be more lenient and take fewer efficiencies with new vendors in order to diversify?
  • What do you look for in a sales pitch from a new vendor?
  • Have you had success with the vendors you’ve found in Appsflyer and Singular reports?


  • 6:40 Fetch Rewards’s growth trajectory and inflection point
  • 9:04 Paid marketing aside, a product still needs to be quality
  • 12:15 Thinking about how you will spend the next million
  • 15:24 Testing the waters with a new channel and the goals that matter
  • 21:57 What I look for in a sales pitch
  • 24:50 Sourcing new vendors from key articles
  • 31:11 The challenge Krishnan gives himself to be successful


“For me, at the end of the day, it’s about how many of these users are going to be active 30 days from now? I keep track of the quality of the user that is brought in.”

“It’s a case of what else can we do outside of the comfort zone of digital?”

“This is a tough industry. You have to be on it and really continue to be hungry in order for successes to be ongoing.”

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