How it works


Analyze and segment your target users

How it works


Develop ad creatives for each user segment

How it works


Deliver campaigns via real-time bidding exchanges

How it works


Serve users your ad while they use another app

How it works


Bring back your users to your app via a deep link

Dynamic Programmatic Ads

Intelligent ads that understand your user.

Retarget your users with personalized ads that are assembled automatically in real-time.

Use demographics, behavioral data, device type and location to generate highly relevant ads for maximum impact.



Deliver tailored ads based on your users’ individual behaviours, preferences and intentions for an all-round better experience.

Optimal Performance

Our optimization engine automatically A/B tests hundreds of dynamic ad combinations, driving up to 450% increase in conversion rates.


Achieve maximum reach across our global network of 350,000 apps in all formats
- standard, interstitial & native included.

Swift Setup

With our SDK-less solution, you can get up and running with dynamic ads faster than any of our competitors.


Receive a tailor-made creative template based on your specific requirements for optimal results.


We welcome product feeds of all shapes and sizes - we work around your business, not the other way round.

How it Works

While your user interacts with another app, an ad space becomes available.

Your ad is dynamically assembled in milliseconds, based on the user’s previous behavior and information from your product feed.

The ad is delivered & the user is brought directly to the relevant page within your app via a deep link to complete the desired action.

Native Programmatic Ads

Stand out by fitting in.

Native advertising offers a new and powerful approach to retarget users with ads that match the form and style of the content in which they appear.

Displayed as a relevant piece of content in the user’s regular feed, native ads create a seamless user experience while driving incremental conversions.



Deliver your users an unparalleled ad experience with banners that fit perfectly within their context.


Increase your campaign’s reach by up to 20% with access to additional users on top of our extensive standard inventory for maximum scale.


Native ads drive post-reengagement conversion rates by up to 80% across all verticals.

Transparency & Insights

Monitor your ads in real-time to compare performance across segments, suppliers and creatives side by side.

Swift Setup

With our SDK-less solution, you can get up and running with native ads in a matter of days.


Our platform automatically selects your native ads according to the content and layout of the app.

Native comes in all shapes & sizes

Facebook Dynamic Performance Ads

Remerge streamlines app retargeting on Facebook to make re-engagement campaigns more efficient and scalable. Marketers can now leverage Remerge’s performance platform designed for app retargeting to predict user behaviour, and deliver personalized product ads in real-time across Facebook and 350,000 apps globally.

Remerge eliminates manual efforts for marketers with SDK-less data access, by dynamically segmenting their audiences for users with the highest chance to convert and by automatically optimizing ads for highest relevancy in order to drive more in-app purchase conversions.


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