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Incremental App Retargeting

Focus on what truly matters for your business

Incremental Revenue

Understanding how retargeting contributes to your performance marketing strategy is tough.
So forget about all the KPIs the industry told you about, because you only really need one. For any vertical, for any stage, for any user.

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Dynamic Personalized Creatives

Ads that attract

Take advantage of your app’s data events for highly dynamic content.

We will use any relevant content from your app to create personalized creatives, be it products from your product feed, characters from your game or elements from your media catalog
Serve your user an ad addressing their player name, offers based on their location, browsing history, or personal taste
Your data is siloed and used only for your purposes. No mixing, no nothing. #morethanGDPR

Continuous Uplift Tracking

Do personalized creatives really drive higher incremental returns? See the numbers with continuous uplift tracking.

Yes, you read right. Continuous. As long as your campaign is live.

Continuous uplift tracking runs in the background so your campaigns are always optimized for incrementality and for reporting.

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What our customers say

I would recommend Remerge to anyone looking to drive purchases with retargeting, especially in Q4. They have seamlessly helped us to overachieve our Q4 ROAS goals on Android and iOS.

Jake Poznak / Marketing Manager GILT Read more stories ›

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